What is Scientia-Do?

Scientia-Do is a martial art club! 


We are not a new “style” of martial arts. We are a club for people who simply wish to train in the martial arts. This is why we have such a unique name.

Scientia-Do comes from two sources - “Scientia” is a Latin word which roughly translates to “knowledge” and/or “skill” and “Do” is a term common to both the Japanese and Korean language, and it roughly translates to “the way of”. Hence, Scientia-Do means “the way of knowledge” or “the way of skill”.

Some of our members come to us interested in self-defence, fitness, strength, flexibility, and personal development. We try to develop all these through practicing strong and practical martial art techniques. There are two martial arts that make up the core of Scientia-Do training …

  • Tae Kwon-Do  -  a Korean martial art, characterised by its fast, powerful hand techniques and many high spinning and jumping kicks. This is the core art and the majority of the training we do.

  • Aikido  -  a Japanese martial art of throws and joint locking techniques, rolling & break falling.