Code of Conduct

Scientia-Do students agree to the following code of conduct ...

  1.   I will treat my Instructor, other students and their property with respect.

  2.   I will follow all instructions given to me by my Instructor promptly.

  3.   I will train to the best of my ability, showing the tenets of Scientia-Do at all times.

  4.   I will only use the knowledge and skills that I learn in Scientia-Do for self-defence. I will not show off or brag
      about my abilities.


  5.   I understand that the techniques of Scientia-Do can be very dangerous when used by undisciplined and
      untrained people. I will not teach any techniques I know to others. I will encourage interested people to attend
      class and learn from a qualified Instructor.


  6.   I will not use or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at class.

  7.   I will inform the Instructor of any injuries that I may have before the start of class. I will also report any injuries
      that occur during the course of class immediately to the Instructor.


  8.   I will pay all fees promptly.

  9.   I acknowledge and consent to the right of the management of Scientia-Do to discontinue instruction and cancel
      my membership at any time should my actions, conduct, and/or character, be in conflict with the teachings and
      philosophies of Scientia-Do